March 24th, 2023 7:00 pm

Scissorgun, Lines of Silence, live:lab & Fire Tower 4

A night of experimental, psychedelic and electronic sounds / visuals from artists from in and around the Calder Valley, featuring Scissorgun, Lines of Silence with visuals from live:lab plus Fire Tower 4.

Scissorgun are a two-piece electronic band from Manchester, comprising Alan Hempsall (Crispy Ambulance, Factory Records) on treated guitars, vocals and prose and veteran electronic experimentalist David Clarkson on synths, keyboards, drum programming and production. Scissorgun’s recent Psychological Colouring Book album (Cue Dot) was described by Louder Than War as, “film-like…a bit like David Lynch showing the observer the sudden contrast of great beauty and then brutality.”

Lines of Silence is space music from under the soil. Taking cues from classic 60s and 70s kosmische, space rock, progressive, ambient and New Age music, alongside noise rock and improvised and drone acts to create a contemporary take on psychedelia, mixed in with reverence for the natural world. Lines of Silence’s second album, Stations of the Sun (Dimple Discs) was released this year and was followed with a new track on the Wire Magazine’s Wire Tapper CD 60.

Digital media artist John Bonner draws on his wide range of skills picked up over the years to produce digital art and performances. This can be in the form of photography, audio and video production, soundscapes or music production or a mixture of them all.

Fire Tower 4 is a collective of improvising musicians from a variety of musical backgrounds, who work without preset material or structure producing music created in the moment and never to be repeated. With a sound that shifts and gently mutates over time, each FT4 gig evolves through the interaction between musicians in an act of instant composition, with influences drawn from kraut rock, minimalism, techno, psychedelia, hip-hop and jazz, no two Fire Tower 4 performances are the same.

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