March 25th, 2023 7:30 pm

Rhiannon Unbridled

A one-woman storytelling show with original music
Written and performed by Jackie Singer
Directed by Matilda Leyser

What happened to Rhiannon? Once worshipped as a passionate horse Goddess with magical powers, she got snared in Medieval story, tamed and diminished. Rhiannon Unbridled takes the story of Rhiannon out of its well-preserved Welsh Medieval manuscript in the Bodleian Library, and wrestles with it. Jackie Singer tells Rhiannon’s story and sets out to liberate her, calling her up as a vital force that’s needed in the world now. But you don’t invoke a Goddess as a literary exercise. This is personal. Through myth, memoire, song and imagination, this one-woman show enacts the journey from compliant silence to an awakened female power. Jackie’s stories of her girlhood fascination with horses, and developing relationships with the opposite sex are interlocked with chapters of Rhiannon’s life, until the narratives collide in a need to rescue both modern woman and ancient goddess from the forces that bridle them.
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